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  • 9 February 2024
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I'm reaching out to the community for some guidance on managing our help center more effectively, particularly regarding the visibility of certain article collections on the homepage.

We've set up a collection called "Learn," which is designated for in-page support articles. To maintain a focused and streamlined homepage, we do not want this collection to appear among those featured on the main landing page.

Has anyone had experience with hiding a published collection from the help center homepage? If so, could you share how you achieved this?

I'm also interested in any tips on controlling which collections are displayed on the homepage. Ideally, we want to present our users with a selection of collections that are most relevant to their general inquiries while keeping more specific guides like "Learn" accessible only via direct link for the collection.

Our help centre

Any insights or directions to relevant documentation or settings would be greatly appreciated!


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Hey @coinedOne technologies 👋 Thanks for sharing your question with us here! 

Once a collection has been published, there currently isn’t a feature that’ll let you ‘hide’ this collection from your Help Center home page since it’ll be available by default. That said, there are a couple of workarounds that you can use!

  1. If you remove all the articles from the ‘Learn’ collection (i.e. the articles are published and live but they’re not added to a collection), they won’t appear in our Help Center but you can still share links to these articles with your customers.
  2. If you have a target audience set up for all the articles in the ‘Learn’ collection (more context on how this works here!), they won’t appear in the Home page for customers that aren’t in the target audience. 

Hope that helps! 🙌