When does Fin recheck my support site?

  • 25 May 2023
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I’ve been trying our Fin demo and it has been intriguing. Thanks!

I take all Intercom questions from our customers and pop them into the demo to see which get answered. I find a lot that are not answered have simple answers, so I add an article to the appropriate collection and publish it.  So far, I don’t see Fin picking up the answers.  
For example, someone wrote “Do you ship internationally”. We had an article that said “We only ship to the US”.  I added more to that article to include the word “internationally” but Fin still says it doesn’t know.

Do I have to manually select something to get Fin to retrain?


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Hey @Jerry 👋🏼  Shauna here from Support! 

If you are using the Fin demo page to run this test then you might need to re-inject the page once again in order for the updated article to appear. Can you try this out?

If you are still having an issue after this, you will need to reach out to us via the messenger so that our support agents can dig into this for you 🔎

Yes, that worked on the demo site.  Hoping that if I go live I won’t have to remember to do that...even nightly checks for changes would be good.

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Hi @Jerry !


Regarding this re-ingestion behavior. This is only needed for the Fin Demo. With the actual Fin product if you are hosting Articles in an Intercom Help Center, your article updates will immediately be ingested into Fin. If you are hosting articles on a 3rd party Knowledge Base, those will automatically get re-ingested on a weekly basis!

So you won’t need to remember to re-ingest things like you had to do for the Demo!