When I try to show articles using the messenger, the title load and I can search for content but the actual article will not have the content.

  • 25 November 2022
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I need help!!! My articles show up just fine on my help center. When I try to show them using the messenger, the title load and I can search for content but the actual article will not have the content.


I have included a gif below. As you can see, if I use the messenger from the help center, they load, but the articles do not load on the messenger in my app. Any help would be appreciated. I messaged Intercom two days ago, but no response. I cannot go live until the issue is fixed.


3 replies

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Hey @user2427​ Racheal from the support engineer team here👋 


It looks like you are working with my teammate Laura, but I'll try to some additional clarity on what I'm seeing here. You said that you login to and see all Articles as expected, but when you go to you are only seeing the available to all Articles- so it sounds like the issue is specifically with the Intercom domain. This is actually working as expected, as you are trying to view Articles that are targeting users while you are on the Intercom Help Center domain (logged out).


You will not be able to see the Articles targeting only users on the Intercom domain, you are also targeting users with specific Tags, so you will need to be logged in as a user that matches the Tag as well. Something to keep in mind here, if your Help Center doesn’t share a top-level domain with your web app, users who are logged-in on your app will be seen as logged-out leads within the Help Center. To avoid this from happening you set up a custom domain for your Help Center that matches the top-level domain of your web app, this is why your custom domain is working as expected.


For example, if your website was, instead of using (Intercom-provided), you setup the custom domain You did this all correct, and I am not seeing any issues with your custom domain.


I hope this clears things up.

Thanks for the response. I made some articles available to everyone, and the same behaviour is occurring. As you mentioned, the top level is set up correctly. I can view the titles of all the articles etc., in my messenger, but when I click to view the article, the content will not load. If I got to my custom domain, the articles load fine. They will not load in the same behaviour as our web app. The first two images are within our app, and the last from our help center domain.

our web app

I am seeing the same issue in our product page as well. What was the resolution provided