Where did the amount of times a user viewed an article go?

  • 6 November 2020
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Previously when you clicked on an article and then clicked on the views, there would be a view count next to the persons name, to indicate how many times they viewed that specific article. Why did this disappear with the new reporting? Instead i just see a long, not clean, list of users, and if someone viewed the article more than once, they just show up in this unorganized list.. This makes it really hard to look at a glance if certain customers are viewing an article more frequently than others. Could this functionality be added back in?


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3 replies

@leah l11​ Very true! If possible, can someone from Intercom side share a brief info?


Thank you!

Hey @leah l11​ and @murat k​ 👋


I've been working with Leah on this via our Messenger chat but should have more information to share shortly. I'll share in that conversation and this forum post so everyone has more insight on it!

Just wanted to update here for those interested:


The option to view the article view count in a single by user was removed with new Articles reporting rollout. The views will still be reported in this list, identifying those who viewed, but again will not specify the exact number in single line. The ability to revert back has been flagged as a request for the team, and as always, we encourage users to watch our Product Changes page for all updates to the platform.


To note, Intercom users can now visit the Reports dashboard > Articles to see engagement by day, an option to filter which was not previously offered, to provide added insight as to how a particular article is performing. To learn more, visit our article on this report for details!