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  • 24 August 2023
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I understand that Companies need to be created via API, I also understand they show when they have 1 associated user - but sadly even with the Developer Hub and knowledge of sending API requests and Postman as well; I can’t get this to work at all.

For Attaching a Contact:
Why does the Body only include an ID? No company ID, user ID ever seems to do anything with this.

"id": "64e5e25c35824d3aabb0e535"

Is there a video or simple walk through that simply shows how to create a simple Company and associates 1 User; it would be really helpful as its far too time consuming.

After hours of trying, still cant create a single Company or attach one user.


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Hey @Ian Maison  Racheal from the support engineer team here👋 


To create a Company you would send a POST request to:

With this in the request body:

{ "company_id": "company_remote_id",

"name": "my company",

"remote_created_at": 1374138000 }


When it comes to adding a contact to a company the Company ID is included in the request URL:{id}/companies

This is why it isn’t in the request body. The ID in the request body must be the Intercom defined id representing the Company, as mentioned here.


I hope this helps!