How can I see how many of my users are online right now?

  • 18 August 2020
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How to get the actual count of how many users are online right now, without having to count them by scrolling and counting manually.

5 replies

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If you are asking about your app users/contacts that are online right now, I do that via data platform using the Last Seen filter.


Using Last Seen Exactly 0 days ago which seems to work like 'Just Now' when you look at a user.


Thanks, but actually, that doesn't give me a list of users online right now. If I keep scrolling, I can see that it is giving me a listing of who was online from the start of the day and onward. It gives me the same results as if I set a filter for, last seen after yesterday.

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Fair call and sorry for that - you can see (and scroll) but not get the count - i gave up scrolling and assumed the count was correct.


Another option could be to capture a data point from your app (an event) that represents current status (logged in/active/session duration) but that would not be out of the box.


Does sound like Intercom could give us a data point such as Current Status (Active / Offline) as you can see that on the Users avatar (green for online). @eric f11​ that might be a quick win to make available.

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Good shout @craig​!


@cochise​ - why not pop over to our Product Ideas group and submit this a feature request?

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Was this feature created?

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