Visibility Delay for API-Created Contacts in Intercom?

  • 27 March 2024
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Why do contacts, created successfully via API with a 201 Created response in Intercom, not appear in API searches or lists immediately? Is this delay typical, and are there any suggestions to ensure prompt availability of newly created contacts in both the Intercom interface and API searches/lists?


Best answer by Jacob Cox 31 March 2024, 22:48

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Hi there @RAMTAMANG !

It’s always possible that there could be a very short delay in a contact getting created in the API. This depends on a lot of different factors such as Network speed and how busy our servers are at the time. That said, I wouldn’t expect it to take too long to populate in the API -- depending on which call you’re making (Listing all and Search endpoints might take longer than a single User retrieval, for example). If you’re seeing a lot of time is needed then I would recommend you reach out to our support team directly either via your workspace Messenger or via email at so they can look into this further with you!