Anyone care to look at my Intercom Messenger and help me by making some suggestions?

  • 9 September 2020
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Really appreciate any simple additions to help us get more use out of Intercom.






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@craig​ @justin w11​ @kevin​ @roy s11​ @brent w​ - care to take a look for @meddy​? Reckon you folks would have a lot of expertise to share here!

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Hey @meddy​ I really like your website and the brand.


If I was going to make suggestions on Intercom, this is what they would be:

  • Add a Statuspage in case you ever have down time
  • Leverage Operator
    • Allows you to quickly engage visitors after X seconds to hopefully talk to them before they start browsing or hunting for an answer. Keeps you at the forefront of the sales/communication process with them.


Otherwise, I think what you have is a solid start!


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Hey @meddy​ , Definitely a lovely bears, totally love it. 


Now let's move on Intercom.


1) Once a visitor opens your web-site, you are sending an automatic message. 

This message sent as "badge" - that means that visitor needs to click Intercom circle and open messenger to see the message. 



My first suggestion will be to change "badge" to a snippet, this is how this will look like:



You can also use suggested replies there as well, like How much this cost? / Shipping and Delivery / Help with on-going order / Returns and etc...

intercom-quick replies



2) Install and set-up the Shopify app for Intercom -


Add the Shopify app inside the messenger;

Config Shopify app for the agent;


3) Make messenger good looking:



In my opinion there should be: Shopify App; Help Center searching; Last posts from the Blog; e-Mail subscribe box.


4) Monitor visitor's shopping cart, it's easy to build an integration that will monitor what the user currently has inside the shopping cart.

That will help you send more personalized messages and build a good customer experience. 


5) Set-up automatic messages and send a survey when the user gets the package;


6) Set-up working hours


Bonus Tip: You don't have product catalog uploaded on Facebook, That's why re-targeting will not work properly 😞


If you have questions don't hesitate to ask



Hi Justin,


Thanks so much for your feedback! I will look into Statuspage and Leverage Operator.





Hi Roy,


Thank you! Super tips. Lots to do! Much appreciated.





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Keep us updated, how is your set-up going? Can we help you with anything? 🧸

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Few things,

  • perhaps customise the Intercom launcher icon to be on brand (Teddy Bear perhaps)?
  • if you want to push more engagement through Intercom, swap out the newsletter pop up for an Intercom pop up? (Could still be full screen). I can see you have that in the launcher already so just linking more to the less in your face experience
  • Perhaps showcase top 3 things for visitors to look to in the launcher (replacing the Hi Teddy bear)
  • high intent pages, push some task/custom bots to cover common questions or things to look for


Otherwise the other responses cover the business run element. Good luck.

Hi Titho,


Thank you very much for you feedback!





Hi Roy,


Can you help with set-up?