Do you have any plans to expand your current support team?

  • 2 September 2020
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I feel that a reply time of at least one day, is way to big for a company that provides a tool for support.


We rely on Intercom and if we have an issue, affecting the support we can offer our customers that is crucial and needs a much faster resolution.


As a follow up, what will be Intercoms target time of response to their clients in the next 3-6 months?


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I'm not an Intercom employee, so I can't directly answer your question. However, Intercom, like many companies, prioritizes support to some degree based on plan level. If you're on the plan level that offers prioritized support (I am), then you will definitely receive responses in under a day. Sometimes the issue / question you write in about will impact response time as well. In addition, once somebody begins helping you, subsequent response times are much faster. Either way, their support is usually high quality even if certain responses are delayed.

Hi Ovidiu 👋


Kaitlin here, I lead Intercom's Support team and we're currently ~60 teammates spread across the Dublin and Chicago offices which I believe is in line (as compared to our total company headcount) with peer support organizations.


Tough to beat Kevin's reply here as he really nailed it but just to confirm, our speed of service depends on subscription (much like peer companies) and nature of the query but we're continually seeking to create new and helpful channels (like this Community) for our customers to get answers to their questions outside of waiting for a 1:1 chat with our team.


That said and in full transparency, our follow up times have slowed as of late for the lower tiered subscriptions as we adjust to all of the changes in the world. We are working diligently to speed back up and keep a first reply within 1-2 days, a swift subsequent reply and, ideally, a closed case in < 4 days (this really depends on the nature and complexity of the query). Our Premium subscription will move queries to the top of the queue and we're continuing to experiment with inbound custom bots to better surface urgent conversations more quickly.


I hope that helps to shed some light, let me know if you have any further questions.



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The at least 1 day turnaround is problematic when you are trying to do R&D or push the technology and have to wait day/s which usually is then outside your window of time to play and do R&D things. First world problem but still results in me sharing many crying memes with the team.


I will call out, once you get one of the team they will offer to help more and people like me who then ask 5-100 things probably impact the follow on response times for new requests.

New user here. We submitted a support ticket last week regarding an issue we're experiencing with the Intercom API which is preventing us from getting up and running.

We've been waiting three days now for any kind of response (not including the weekend) which doesn't fill me with confidence going forwards.