How can I create help content that delivers real value?

  • 9 March 2021
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How can I create help content that delivers real value?

Best answer by Eric Fitz 9 March 2021, 18:02

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Great help content compounds in value over time. The help content you create today will lay the foundations for supporting thousands, maybe even millions, of customers for years to come. Here are some tips for creating content that delivers over the long term: 


  1. Map your help content to the different stages of your customers’ journey.
  2. Plan how you’re going to deliver your help content within the Conversational Support Funnel, e.g. setting up a relevant article to appear once a customer opens the messenger with bots and automation. 
  3. Mirror your customers’ language.
  4. Use images, videos, and gifs to avoid overly wordy descriptions. 
  5. Make your articles easy to scan.
  6. Use real-life examples. 
  7. Optimize articles based on what questions customers are searching for most often.


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