How to automatically update a company data attribute when an existing user gains a people data attribute?

  • 18 August 2021
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I'm collecting a certain type of data about my users with a post using Ask a Question app, that can only save answers into a people data attribute. That specific attribute is in a list format. My marketing team needs this information in a company data attribute in a text format.


Would anybody know how to set up automation that would allow me to move text value from my list format attribute into another attribute that is a text format? The first one is people data, the second should be company data. Thank you!


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2 replies

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Hello @marina s11​ 👋, Welcome to Interconnect.


May I ask? If 2-3 people from one company voted for different options, which one should go to the company attribute? That's why it's not available in the Ask question app.


You can for sure use some API or to make such Integration, but as I mentioned what if two-person voted for a different options in one company?

Hi @roy s11​ , thanks for coming back to me! We have user roles, such as account owners and everybody else. So in this case account owners' answers should populate the attribute. Does it open additional non-API solutions to this problem?

P.S. Makes sense why Ask a question works with people's segment. I wish that an automatic Zapier integration by Intercom would accept an attribute population as a trigger, this would solve the question for me.