I have some people who are showing up as "leads" when they message in even though they are already subscribers. This is causing some confusion for our sales team. Does anyone know what could be causing this issue?

  • 4 March 2021
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I thought at first this was happening because they were messaging in using a different email (which happens frequently) but now I am seeing it happen with emails that are their actual account email as well. So for example I just had a person message in using the same email they use to login to our app just show up as a lead in Intercom. If anyone has some insight it would be greatly appreciated!


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2 replies

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Hey @jolie​ ,

I'm not entirely sure that this could be the issue. But it might be that the identifier for the user is different. That is, the email is not the ID for that user's account. This was a problem for us where when the lead became a user, we had 2 profiles for the same user as the User id was different

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@jolie​ Try also doing a search for that person't name in Intercom Contacts. Do you see two results? If so, what are the differences?