Is there a way to subscribe to specific keywords being posted to this community?

  • 3 March 2022
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I have been looking for a way to subscribe to certain keywords in this community. This is one of the most useful features of the Atlassian Community. The idea would be that I receive an email whenever someone creates a post with one of those keywords. Do you think this is something that could be added to Interconnected?

Alternatively, would it be possible to create a group specifically for specific apps? In this case, we could at least subscribe to that group and do not have to browse the community daily for new questions regarding our apps.


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Hey @tobias b​, while it's not possible to set notifications for keywords, I love the idea of creating a group for a specific tool! Tell me more!

Hey @eric f11​, the basic idea is as described above.


The problem: I am the creator of the Jira integration in Intercom and would be happy to engage more with customers on Interconnected if they have questions regarding the Jira app. However, it seems I can only follow exiting groups on here which means I have to keep browsing my notifications for relevant content/questions or come back here regularly and search manually.


On the Atlassian side, they automatically populate an app-specific tag in their community for each published app. Our Atlassian Marketplace listing then contains a generated link (see the link "See existing Q&A in Atlassian Community" on our listing) to that space in their community. As a partner, we can then follow this tag so we are always in the loop if customers ask questions about our app specifically (in addition to the keyword subscription feature mentioned previously). This allows us to engage with customers the moment they ask the question and help them out.

The idea was to have something similar in Interconnected (possibly even connected to the App Store) always with the idea in mind that customers can easily engage with app partners and we get notified when they need us.


Hope that makes sense. Happy to explain more otherwise.

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Hey @tobias b​, thanks so much for that very clear and detailed feedback. Our new community manager is starting soon and I'd be happy to discuss with them the idea of creating integration-specific groups within Interconnected and exploring more robust tagging.

Thanks, Eric. Looking forward to any potential improvements in this area 👍