What recommendations do you have for taking internal support notes for when people call into support?

  • 2 October 2020
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We are moving from Zendesk to Intercom. In Zendesk, when someone calls in for support, we use Zendesk Macro's to pull up troubleshooting steps and take internal notes and do tagging. What is the best practice for taking internal notes in Intercom that the User/Customer doesn't see. I'd like to start a new conversation with the user, but not actually share the conversation with the user. Has anyone gone through a transition from Zendesk to Intercom that may have some insights on options that are comparable to how Zendesk work?


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Hello @brian l​ ​ , Moving from Zendesk to Intercom is a great choice, congratulations. 

There several ways to do this, I think it depends on which phone system are you using? 


Aircall Integration logs Conversation date, history and even recording to Intercom profile.

You checked it already?

I really like Aircall + Intercom integration but for some companies Aircall expensive. 


here some cheapest ones: 

Toky + Intercom


Cloudtalk + Intercom


If you are using a non cloud phone system, think about switching to the modern phone system (it's already a time to switch everything in the cloud). 


If switching not possible, let me know which phone system you are using and I will try to help you.

Hi @roy s11​ 


We use Ring Central today. There doesn’t appear to be much integration when it comes to Ring Central and Intercom. I’ve seen that we can use Zapier in some capacity to connect the two but I don’t think it will cover our needs. 


I’ve seen Aircall and I think at some point we will consider it, just no capacity for that overhaul just yet. 


The one thing we considered was creating a intercom outbound chat or emails and using ‘Saved Content’ as our troubleshooting templates which would basically give the user a record of the conversation. We could then add internal notes as well. Not our ideal process but an option. Any other ideas would be helpful. We also use HubSpot but would rather not use two systems. Not sure if any apps can push HubSpot notes to a conversation as internal notes. 


Its seems that Aircall is our best option but need to figure something out for the mean time. 


thanks for your help!

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@brian l​ , It's a pleasure to help Interconnect members =) 


I'm not a big fan of RingCentral, for me, it's an outdated phone system (Sorry).


Aircall is a modern, cloud-based solution (pretty the same as switching to Apple). Aircall also offering calls inside Intercom (You can call your customers directly from Intercom).>


Aircall is free for 7 days, just a try and test it.


For sure, you can use Zapier, the flow will be the following: 

Ringcentral (Call completed) -> Find user in Intercom -> Log a note.


Let me know if you need any help with Zapier configuration, happy to help. 

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We have not used Zendesk for awhile which is probably why we did not go hard on tags and prefer conversation attributes which is more aligned to ticket/case management IMO. I have set up the SOP for conversations that agents use notes to;

  • provide running commentary and updates as to what they are doing, for other agents to see
  • when transferring a conversation to another agent
  • when taking breaks, ending shifts etc
  • when providing updates from other systems (like cases via Salesforce)


The idea is we trained all agents on the processes and practices and factor this into QA.


NB: We only use conversation notes, as the notes on the user is persistent so becomes noisey and redundant.