Where can I find intercom partners?

  • 26 April 2021
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I love intercom, but as the product has grown our small team needs a partner to help us design and expand intercom to support our Shopify App Store Listing (


Where can we find a list of partners/experts on intercom?


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4 replies

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Hi @user282​ 👋, Welcome to Interconnect ✨


Can you share a bit more about your project and questions? I will try to help without any involvement of experts or partners.


If you still want to hire someone, personally, I'm not taking such a project but can suggest you one of Interconnect members @user382​.



I hope this helps 😊

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Thanks @roy s11​  for mentioning me 😉

@user282​ , feel free to add me on LinkedIn and let's discuss this further 🙂

@user382​ Hi. You can DM at We have a shopify app: ( We are looking to optimize our app post install using all intercom has to offer. Currently we just migrated from campaigns to series, and we use articles for our support knowledge base. We are looking to reboot the app install experience to have a streamlined experience using all that intercom has to offer. For a sense of scale we have 2k+ installs and 100+ installs per month. Our takes a little education so the end goal is improve our install retention.

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Thanks, I sent you the email!