Why is my mobile SDK recording unregistered users?

  • 18 November 2021
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I am having confusion about how our messenger works. We have an app that you will be needing to log in to be able to send a message. Now there are times when a user name has "user + random 4 letters/number" but then there are other messages that has users name on it. What is wrong? Why is it doing that?


Best answer by Aparna 23 November 2021, 14:12

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@rowen​ It is based on how you track the users on mobile.  You’ll need to register your users with Intercom before you can talk to them or see what they do in your app. If a person visits your mobile app they will be a user - the Intercom SDKs do not create leads or visitors. There are three way to register people who visit your app: (1) register only unidentified users (2) register only identified users (3) register both identified and unidentified users. The option you choose should be informed by the design of your app, namely whether you have a login option. You can find more details in the docs here and here


If you still have an issue, I would suggest you starting conversation from your workspace with our support team.