1 minute Wait Block in Series not working

  • 19 January 2024
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  • Platform - Mobile app flutter

We identified some key drops off points during our onboarding and planning to trigger chat or carousel when the user spends around 1 minute in that checkpoint.Alternatively if the user left the app , we need to send a push notification from intercom to re-engage them during the onboarding.

For this we are trying out Series in Intercom ,

  • We configured it to open a carousal when the user visits a page (eg - settings page)
  • It worked perfectly.
  • But when we introduced a wait block for 1 minute we didn’t get the carousal.
  • We waited for 1 minute and the carousal did not open.
  • Link to the series we created
  • I have found out in the community post that even though we put it as 1 minute the next block will be executed every 15 minutes and thats why the delay is.
  • So our requirement is like this , if a user stays in a page for more than 1 minute we have to trigger the carousal or chat to offer them help.



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Hey there @coinedOne technologies 👋  We don’t officially support Flutter as an installation method - so you may run into issues with this depending on how you have integrated Intercom on your app.

Given the nature of this query and that we’ll likely need some further details here, I’m going to pass this over to the team as a Conversation to take further action on this issue for you!