Altering Paths by interjecting new branches

  • 23 August 2023
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So I built a few automated workflows within Intercom (eg How Does It Work, FAQ, etc..).
They’ve been online for a while and I’ve analysed the most used paths, etc.

Now I want to alter the paths, add new branches, remove underused ones, .. you catch my drift.

Problem is, one major change is I want to interject add a new path after the first question. There doesn’t seem to be the option to create a new path in between existing paths.

Or do I redirect all the current answers to a new path, then loop back to what is now my first automated response, and afterwards delete all the first paths? If that makes any sense.

TL;DR: can I squeeze a new message between the ‘start’ of a workflow and it’s first response, once it’s already been made?


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HI @Stefan B. !


You should be able to do this with any of the paths AFTER the first response by selecting the path arrow and hitting delete.

Then you can link the button to a new item and connect that item to the original path. In the screenshot below you can see that I inserted a new path (‘E’) into the Workflow and inserted it between Path A and Path B

It’s not as easy for the FIRST step of a workflow though because you can’t delete the path arrow from the Trigger to Path A.


Instead you’ll need to Edit your current Path A so it contains the new path message and follow-up actions that you want to create. Then you’ll need to re-create the old Path A and connect it to the new Path A. Then link back up all the original paths to the old Path A node.


It does require a bit of work, but it’s certainly faster than re-creating the entire Workflow! I’m going to chat with our Product Team about this to see if we can improve this behavior down the line!

Thanks, so it’s basically as I thought, creating a new loop. You laid it out very clearly for me, so this helps a lot - in my mind’s eye it was a lot cloudier.

Yes, it’s a shame you can’t delete or alter the first path, making this an option could really help with editing specific flows afterwards.