Can I get notified when someone clicks a link within a post?

  • 13 September 2023
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When I am creating a post I will use a URL, but we are offering an additional benefit to our existing customers - as this is something that we want our team to get on quickly is it possible to receive notifications through email which tells us who it was that clicked the link in real-time?


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@RAM Tracking Marketing  There are probably a variety of ways to achieve your goal depending on how you would like to be notified etc but an easy way would be to setup your Outbound / Proactive support message with a link to a page on your site and a Goal -- the goal will populate automatically with people who have accomplished the goal and you can use that as an audience as well to trigger a followup message or reach out manually based on the list. 

Here’s a quick video with that idea:


This is just one way I was thinking that could accomplish your goal, but if you want to share more there could be other ways to accomplish it. 

Hope this helps!