Can I revert from HTML editor when creating an outbound email?

  • 15 September 2022
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When creating an outbound email, I changed to HTML editor but now I can't change back so all I can see is the HTML instead of the normal UI.'Switch to HTML editor'Example of HTML editor


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7 replies

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Currently you cannot revert back from the HTML editor when creating an outbound email - you can see when you 'switch to the HTML editor'; you get this notice 👇🏼NoticeYou would need to re-create the email if you want to go back to the original UI of the email.

this is honestly such a frustrating experience. It is very common to want to view the HTML of an email to make a change to something your UI doesn't allow you to change, and then go back to the WYSIWYG editor. The fact that switching to HTML completely removes your template and makes you start from scratch, and the lack of support to go back and forth, makes this incredibly frustrating and very disappointing.

How is this not implemented yet? Even if you are showing a warning, any user is going to expect to be able to revert. Eng team, could possibly be on your backlog?

Also, your html editor is so buggy. So even if you make the mistake of doing this, its not like you can even finish your email. 


Oh, and if you duplicate the email, its still in the html editor. Fun user experience...

This is a terrible user experience! When I switch I cannot even see all the html code… 

This is EXTREMELY frustrating. When will this actually be fixed?

Maybe add another checkbox that says “Hey are you really REALLY sure?”