Can I send notification to the user ,10 min after they have left from a specific page in the app

  • 17 January 2024
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let’s say the user left from the page 1 during the onboarding. Can I re-engage with them after 10 min using Mobile push(or any other outbound option) and direct to the page from where they left? 

Can I get a trigger after 10 min or create an automation rule for this scenario?


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Hey @akhilaksaju 


There is no built-in trigger for this, however, you can achieve this by using event tracking feature. This can be used to send any outbound option.

For example, you can submit an event whenever the user leaves the certain page, call a function on your platform to submit an event either via JS API or REST API. In this way, you would need to submit the event from your end with 10-min delay, so the message can be sent to the user as soon as the event is submitted to Intercom. (see here for more info)

Also, if you have access to Series, you can actually add a “Wait” block. In that case, you can directly submit the event without 10-min delay on your end, as the user will already wait on this block for 10 min before receiving the message.



There is also another potential option you can consider if you have access to Series and this option doesn’t require event tracking.


You can set your rules like the below approach. With these rules, the user would enter the series if they navigate to any other page from a certain page. As a result they would start receiving the content after passing the 10-min wait block.



Hope these give you some ideas! 😊

Thank you for response.
I tried out the solution that you have mentioned - using wait block in series. But it didn’t get triggered on the right time.
I created a series to send a mobile push if the users stays on a page in our app for 1 min. I set a 1min wait block, but I got the mobile push after 31 min.

Why there is a delay?
I have found out in the community post that even though we put it as 1 minute the next block will be executed every 15 minutes and thats why the delay is.

Is there anything that I can do to get the trigger at the right time?