Can I trigger a Product Tour based on a user closing a message window?

  • 19 April 2021
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Hi Friends, I'm setting up a series and adding a video to the initial message, then I want to trigger a tour based upon the User closing the message window, is this possible?


Best answer by Kevin Bendixen 19 April 2021, 10:11

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4 replies

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@matthew h12​ Should be possible I think. No need for additional filtering or anything else. Just follow the video message with a product tour. Just make sure to test it beforehand.

Hi @kevin b​ ,


Thanks for your speedy response, I had tested it that way initially, just followed on with a tour, but it didn't launch after I closed the video. I'll test it again as I believe that to be the correct behaviour. Cheers

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@matthew h12​ Also try to set it live and filter the audience so that only you and internal stakeholders are targeted. If the tour still doesn't show, try skipping the video message and start with the tour. Maybe there is a problem with the tour

@kevin b​ or delete it a start again!! Thanks for the advice, much appreciated.