Can intercom users send product release notifications without an inbox seat?

  • 21 April 2021
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This might not be the right forum, but as we're looking to optimize Intercom more and integrate live support chat, we are trying to understand which team members should have Intercom accounts.


Our product marketing team uses Intercom to send monthly release messages and we were wondering if they needed an inbox seat to send these messages, or can they just have a intercom account without the inbox seat? I thought I was understanding that inbox seats were only for the support live chat function, but definitely need to understand more.


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Hello @leah l11​ 👋,


You are right here, Intercom inbox seats are for Support staff who actually handle customer conversations.

People without the Intercom seat can send Outbound messages without any problem.


More information about Intercom Inbox seats can be found here.


I hope this will be helpful 😇 Have a greay day

@roy s11​ 

Ahh, thank you so much! I thought this was the case but we wanted to confirm.


So we could have as many "intercom users" that are our internal employees without being charged for them? Just inbox seats?



Thank you!!


@leah l11​ , Yes, Exactly. You can add the product team, the marketing team in Intercom, and send outbound messages, see contacts, reports and etc...


Intercom charges you with Subscription + MAU + Inbox seats + Extra features.

@roy s11​ is there any way this would change based on the plan that we're moving to? We're looking to move to an annual contract (our support manager is working with someone on the intercom sales team) and they responded to an email and told her "anyone who has a login to Intercom will count towards the seat count. You can edit permissions to only allow access to certain areas of Intercom."


@leah l11​ , Oh, Sorry, it seems Intercom updated Pricing policy 😕

Yeah, It now counts all users who have access to Intercom 😐 .



😿 Once again sorry for the previews reply, the old pricing model counted only team members with Inbox seats.


The best way to get latest updates about pricing is to contact Interom SDR via messenger.

They should probably update their help docs because that isn't clear there either. Ugh, that stinks.