Can we create a Series where an outbound bot is triggered by a Visitor or Lead consecutively browsing specific web pages? Assuming that they visited each page for more than 10 seconds.

  • 16 January 2023
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For example, if a Visitor or Lead visits our Review page, then visits our Pricing page (both for more than 10 seconds each), I can then trigger an outbound bot to reach out.


I know that we can specify if someone visits a single page, but I didn't see a way to create a rule where someone visits two (or more). The same goes for the amount of time spent on the page and whether the chosen time can be applied to more than one page.


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6 replies

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Hey @[harvo]​! Daniel from Customer Support Engineering here 🔧 


I think you might be able to trigger this by setting up two rulesets - one for page 1, and one for page 2. So imagine the user goes to page 1 - you could set up an entry rule "current URL is x". Then the block will move to the next set of rules, where you could have another "current URL is x". The only issue here is that the user will have to explicitly go in the direction of page 1 -> 2, unless you had a separate path set up for 2 -> 1. It's not super ideal but I believe it should achieve the same effect! If you don't find it to work too well, maybe drop this as an FRQ in our product wishlist group 😊

Thanks, Daniel! Would it be possible to insert a 'time on page' into your suggested ruleset?



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Absolutely @user73​! You can add that in addition to the other rules 👍

Thanks, Daniel. We will try this again, but the last time we tried the above it didn't work.

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Looping in @user382​ on that in case he has any advice 👍

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Hey @user73​ , sorry for late reply but better late than never...


I'm afraid that what @daniel m15​ mentioned as a solution is OK in theory but will not work in practice (as you experienced already).


The reason is that Intercom needs some time to process the rule blocks, and lately I've seen an increase where this does not take minutes but tens of minutes. So Series are not for real-time fast-paced user actions (if they are set up the way it was proposed above).


Maybe this can be overrun by using events in the rule blocks as then Intercom process this faster, but I would need to test it (as seen, theory is one thing, practice might be different), and you would need Event named "page visited" which would fire out every time user/lead/visitor visits the page.