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  • 1 December 2023
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I would like to express a concern of mine. I am trying to use the conversational rating system for my company support but how our support works is that every time we get a new ticket on unassigned we respond and close and wait for the ticket to be re-opened by the user with a response but the conversation rating shows up way too early before the ticket is actually completely solved, what can we do about this? I want to keep using this feature but there must be some solution.


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Hey @Sun 

If you are using the “Basics” section for sending the conversation rating, there is no option to change this behaviour, as it is default that it sends the conversation rating request when the conversation is closed.


Perhaps, you can use the Snooze feature rather than closing the conversation after each reply, and close the conversation only after the issue is fully resolved.


If you’d like to keep your current use-case (e.g. closing the conversation after each reply), then if you have access to “Workflows”, you can turn off the above setting, and request the conversation rating via Workflow instead.


For example, if you create a custom conversation attribute called “Conversation Status” and ask your teammates to set its value to “Resolved” when the conversation is completely solved.

And then create a workflow like the below. In this case, the request for rating would be only sent when the conversation is closed and the conversation status is set to “resolved”.


Example: As you see when I close the conversation first time, it didn’t trigger the request, but after I set the status attribute as “resolved” and then close, it triggered the request.

This can be the approach you can use if you’d like to keep your current use-case  😊