Custom Launcher with notification badge using GTM

  • 6 November 2023
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Hello guys, I have been trying to create a custom launcher in navbar using GTM and so far I have been able to get the results. The real problem is I am not figuring out how to display the notification count on the launcher. I am new to the Intercom and GTM is so I feel like I am missing something very obvious or not educated enough on this topic. In short, I just wanna know how I can get the notification count.


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Hey @Bee14 👋 Eden from the support engineer team here.


I see that you connected with the support team on this one! Including the solution shared below:


The onUnreadCountChange expects a call back function that takes in unreadCount 👇

Intercom('onUnreadCountChange', function(unreadCount) { // Do stuff... });


You can then print the unreadCount value which is the count of unread messages (that you can display in a badge or whatever your use case is). This would be the same when using GTM (as it's just a glorified wrapper for our JS API). 👍