Help! Plain text emails are creating weird alignment

  • 6 July 2023
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I have an important email send deadline this afternoon and when I preview my plain text emails they align so hard left that it looks like a bug. I’ve tried it 10 different ways and still not working. Anyone else experience this? Is it a known bug? 


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3 replies

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@Erynn Sorry you were having trouble with the plain text alignment, I’ve never seen this issue but were you able to confirm that was happening when it was received in an inbox and not just in the preview screens?  I was wondering if it might be a browser extension or something that’s messing up the preview but maybe it’s fine in the actual inbox when it’s sent if you run a test?

Hope you were able to get this sorted! If you are still having issues feel free to DM, maybe I can help you troubleshoot. 

Thank you! I think it was a specific issue with Intercom and Apple Mail. Appreciate it!

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Hi @Erynn 

Jennifer here from customer support

This looks like a known bug with Apple Mail so I will escalate this to our support team to keep track of