How can I customise my banner message?

  • 28 October 2020
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How can I customise my banner message?

Best answer by Eric Fitz 28 October 2020, 16:23

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You can:


  • Change the colour of your banner
  • Bold/italicize text
  • Add emoji (using your keyboard’s emoji picker)
  • Include links (including links to launch a Product Tour)
  • Insert variables (so that parts of your banner appear differently to each customer depending on the value of an attribute)
  • Choose to include the profile image of the sender or not
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Looks awesome!Google Chrome_2020-10-28 15-16-43

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@user649​ your banner looks awesome! Love the use of emoji and the super clear CTA - might I trouble you to share this on our News & Updates post the Banners launch too, please? 🙏