How can I organise email addresses which I've gathered for my newsletter?

  • 7 April 2021
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I have a chat to collect emails for a newsletter. However, it collects the email but doesn't organize it anywhere. No tag is added to show that they are on a list. 


How are others using this functionality to acquire and grow their newsletter list?


It is worth mentioning, we send our newsletter via MailerLite.


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7 replies

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You could create a segment



You then filter the segment by users with emails.



Can I segment based on how we received it? We collect emails from other chats as well so segmenting by email alone doesn't get me a list of people who signed up through that chat.

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I'm afraid not. This is something you'd have to use Series for. You can then use that to Tag the customer or do whatever you wish.chrome_p2r1ktKf7c

This is will do! Thank you @user1030​!

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Glad that helped Jamie! 😁


Series are a great tool for getting additional functionality out of your marketing & customer experience. If you haven't played about with them, I'd really advise you to check them out. You can get quite complex with them and sometimes they feel like magic for the customer.

Yupp, I just setup my first onboarding series and set it live yesterday. Excited to see how it performs.


Glad to be no thinking about it from a marketing perspective too. Different lens but it's showing value nonetheless so far. Thanks for sharing!

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Excellent! I hope it goes well for you.