How can I send an email only to users who have visited a certain page on my site recently?

  • 17 February 2021
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I want to send an email only to users who have visited a certain URL on our site in the past 7 days, but can't find any way to create such a group in either email rules or User filters. There is no Page Visited option as there is for some other messages. Am I missing a way to do this?


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9 replies

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Hi @mark t12 Traphagen​ ,

You'll need a custom event to track page & page visits. You can then use it in the Users filter as it will be available as a user property as 'Visited Home Page'. You can choose Last Occurred and then set the value to last 7 days

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Hello @mark t12 Traphagen​ , Custom events requires some development skills, to avoid that suggesting to use Series.


1) Create an Entry Rule:

url2) Tag matching users:

tagging3) Send a follow-up e-mail:


Let me know if you have any questions about this flow, always happy to help 🦄

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[EDIT: If you're reading this later, skip this and my next two comments. Roy had originally posted using Referral URL (which won't work for this purpose), but later edited his original reply with the correct parameters)


So the "Referral URL" would be the page I'm targeting, and the Series would only trigger if they'd visited that URL? Brilliant workaround, thanks!

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@roy s11​ I don't think Referral URL is working for what I'm trying to do. When I set that in the Entry Rule to the page I want to trigger for, I get only 7 users in the past 7 days. I know way more than 7 users have visited that page in the last week. Frustrating that I can't find any definition for what triggers Referral URL in Intercom's help section.

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Just confirmed your solution won't work for my purposes. Support says, "The Referral URL is defined as those who arrive on your website after clicking a link from a specific site, and would be recorded as the most recent time they've visited your site. So, the site visited prior to their last communication with you."


So you can't use "Referral URL" as a page visited substitute. It only would trigger if they were on that page and then maybe right-clicked and opened the same page in a new tab, so the first instance of the page becomes the referral to the second.


@mark t12 Traphagen​ , Oh... Sorry there... The screenshot was taken wrong 😞

You should use the When to enter the option, which will work for sure.



@mark t12 Traphagen​ , I'm using the same configuration and it's working fine.

You just need to define the URL -> Tag -> Wait -> e-Mail/Post/in-app chat and etc...


 BTW - I Updated my previews post with a correct screenshot.

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Thanks, Roy, that does seem like it will work. And if I wanted to only tag users who had visited a certain number of times, I could daisy chain entry gates with a wait between each. If they make it through all the gates, then they get tagged.