How can I send transactional emails to people even if they unsubscribed?

  • 18 March 2021
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3 days before the free trial ends, we send users a payment warning telling them we'll charge their credit card.


People who unsubscribe from our mkt emails don't get this warning. That's a big deal.


How can we send emails even if users unsubscribed?


The audience rule "Unsubscribed from Emails is true" gives 0 users :-|






Best answer by Kevin Bendixen 19 March 2021, 10:39

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I don't think there is a workaround for this problem in Intercom, since it would render unsubscribing useless. We use a different service for those kinds of emails (billing, reset password). The fact that it shows 0 users as the audience with your filtering is correct since unsubscribed users are by definition not part of an audience.

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Hey Kevin! I feared that'd be the case. Thanks a lot for answering.

Is there any update on this?


Intercom advertises transactional messaging as a feature and lists password resets as an example.

However if the contact unsubscribes from all messaging even transactional messages are blocked (which they shouldn't). User cannot log in anymore… d'oh!


The Intercom unsubscribe page that the contact sees when unsubscribing states the following:

"You will continue to receive important emails related to your account, operational activities and technical updates."


That's clearly incorrect because important transactional emails are now blocked :(

Our conclusion is that Intercom is not a fit for transactional messaging.

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@Marc K12 Completely agree and have this same problem. People have unsubscribed and then aren't active for a few months, then when they come back they need to reset password and never get the email. 

Can you use different lists, and only unsubscribe them from a single list?

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@Brad In my case no, because we didn’t introduce lists until recently so there’s no solution for people who unsubscribed in the past.