How do I hide my banners or tooltips on page dynamically when I shutdown intercom on page?

  • 14 April 2023
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I have added a banner on my page but when I shutdown the intercom it still reappears after a few seconds.


Best answer by Nathan Sudds 14 April 2023, 21:23

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3 replies

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What do you mean by “shutdown Intercom”?

I have created an extension where I have a button to toggle intercom injection and on sign out I’m using window.intercom(“shutdown”) and when doing this the banner does disappear but reappears after few seconds.

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@Subhashree Rautray I could be wrong but I think what you are referring to may be related to chat only and not the other types of messages that are delivered by Intercom.  Either that or maybe the banner is set to generically show to all users and once you clear that the banner will still show for the “new user” when the page is loaded?

I’m not as familiar with this part of using the Intercom SDK but hope this might be helpful to you in exploring the issue.