How do you preview a post?

  • 11 March 2021
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I've set up a Series that includes a Post with an embedded video clip. I would like to see how it will all look when it's live, but I can't find a way to preview a post.


When I see it in the builder, the video clip does not consistently play. and when it does play, I don't hear sound even if I click.


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2 replies

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Hello @ellen s11​ 

Yup, there's no preview for Post/Chat like there is one for emails (sending the test email) or Product Tours and Custom Bots.


But what you can do is set the Post to trigger only for you (and you can take it / create it out of Series so you test only the Post). If you have your account on the service/app/site that you are building on, set it to trigger just for that account (whatever unique attribute it has - email, user id, etc.), or, even better, you can set it to trigger only on URL containing something like #posttest and then go to any page like (obviously, your users/visitors will not get this Post as they will never go to that URL).


Hope that helps!


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awesome - thanks for the tips!

It's clear why chats don't preview, but for the video clips, I want to make sure I know what the experience will look like.

I'll use this workaround. Thanks!