How I exclude specific users from a message audience based on a custom attribute?

  • 21 April 2021
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We have our customer and partner community separately. I want to send out a post to all my users about the community but I want exclude the members who are part of these communities how do I do it?


So, I filtered the company name is <Customer community name> and created a tag. But it does not seem to work. Please help.


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4 replies


Hello @nandini​ 👋,


First you should somehow tell Intercom about people who is already is a part of community. I'm suggesting to export community member list and tag them in Intercom via CSV Import tool.


Then make some automation to tag new members automatically via API or via Series rule.

You can also create some custom attribute: Community member - Yes/No and update this settings via JS API.


For already existing members, best way is to tag them VIA CSV import tool.


More information about CSV Import can be found here.


Let me know if you have any question about this topic, always happy to help.

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Thank you so much Roy. Do we have an article Series rule? Is there an alternate way I can do without my developers help?

@roy s11​ 



@nandini​ , The Series rule will not work as accurately as the Custom Attribute or API call;


I make some examples for you:

communitycommunity-2I hope this will be helpful, let me know if you have some questions about this topic.

Always happy to help 😇