How to ensure that users do not receive messages from Intercom frequently?

  • 29 October 2020
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I assumed we could use the 'Last Contacted tag for this.


Intercom defines Last contacted at as "The time they were last contacted by you, with an auto/manual message, or with a reply in a conversation"


But I see that this does not include if they received an automated tour. Even if the user has received a tour 2 days ago, setting the rule 'Last Contacted > 3 days ago' fails to exclude them.



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6 replies

We're using tours and I believe that if your tour includes a post, then you'd still be covered by the rule as long as the contact viewed the post.

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All tours begin with a post, but the rule doesn't seem to apply. Any ideas?

@user368​ Recently, I migrated my campaigns over to Series. I've noticed that there is a lot more control over message delivery with rules. You may want to look at that if you haven't yet. We had been receiving some similar feedback from users regarding message frequency so we rebuilt all of our onboarding.

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Yeah, we've been using Series as well. But when you use multiple series, the last contacted would've been handier. Within a series it is easier to orchestrate this because of the wait tag.

I wonder if there is a way to use tags to resolve this? Tag the users that complete/viewed the tour and then use the tag "is not" rule. Definitely a good product suggestion though. More "last viewed" or "last completed" for series/tours/banners is certainly going to be needed.

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I totally agree with you. The issue with tags is that they can quickly become unmanageable. I try to use them sparingly.