How to have perfect grammar in a templated message?

  • 29 November 2022
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Our template is:


Hi {person},

{Person} has finished {action} {deliverable} for {job name}.


{Author name)


This works most of the time. But sometimes the grammar doesn't work. Like this:


Hi Dave,

I has finished reviewing script for MAK001.




Ideally it would read "I have finished reviewing a script"


Any ideas how you make the templated message flexible enough to always make sense?!


Best answer by Daniel M15 1 December 2022, 16:33

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2 replies

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Hey @tom m15​! Daniel from Customer Support Engineering here 🔧 


At the moment, we don't offer a way to conditionally display message content like this. Realistically, you'd have to ensure that the data you're pulling always consistently comes in a form where the verb and nouns can be slotted into your sentence. If your dynamic variable comes through as "reviewing script", we can't edit it after it's been pulled into the message. It might be worth changing your data naming convention so that the action is always referring to an instance of what it's being performed on (doing a thing) and the person's name is always third-person (Jim instead of I).


Hope this helps 👋

Great thanks Daniel.