I have an intercom post that is set as "show the full message". Why would the open rate by 77% instead of 100%?

  • 1 June 2021
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My automated message is a post set as "format - large", "sent as - show the full message". Therefore, the expected behavior is that every user should see this message pop out in full on their screen without having to open it. However, the stats in Intercom shows a 77% open rate. How is that possible? Shouldn't the open rate by 100% since this message is supposed to pop out in full on its own?


Thanks for your help!


Best answer by Kevin Bendixen 2 June 2021, 16:51

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@wenqin​ Not totally sure, are you talking about a web app or website? Could be that 23% of your users are using some sort of tracking blocker that prevents Intercom from opening.

Thanks for that tip! It's actually an Electron-based desktop app.

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This article suggests that your opening rate should be above 90%. Just checked with one of our in-app messages that are sent full and can confirm, we get around 98% opening rate. Are you restricting it to be shown only on certain URLs?

I have a similar issue with a post. It shows that a a full screen post that’s not restricted to be sent to a particular URL has been sent to 32 people, but only 6 people opened it and 1 person clicked on it. My understand is that it’s a post that automatically pops up when people log in so the opened % should be much higher.