I'm trying to set up an abandoned basket campaign...

  • 1 March 2021
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I want to be able to target people who have reached one URL (the account set-up screens, which are all on the same URL) but not yet reached another URL (which is the post account set up URL).


I've looked at creating a Series with an Entry Rule 'Current Page is not...' with that URL being the post account set up URL, but I'm not sure if this is the right way of doing it?


Can someone recommend the best way of setting this up please?





Best answer by Roy 1 March 2021, 17:23

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Hello @joe d12​ Joe, I hope you are doing well.


Q - Can someone recommend the best way of setting this up please?

A - I think "Current Page is not" will not work in your case. How about use Tags?


I made a quick video tutorial for you about this case:>


I hope this will be helpful.

Let me know if you have further questions about this case, Always happy to help.

Hey Roy, thanks so much for putting that video together, that's super helpful.


I was going to ask with the final message, whether you needed to include a 'is setup tag' and 'is not onboarding done' tag, but then saw that you included the 'onboarding done' tag as an exit rule for the series, so i guess that takes care of ensuring that no one receives it that shouldn't.


I'll try it out and run a test, thank you 🙂


@joe d12​ , Exactly, Once a user finishes account set-up they should exit from the Series to stop receiving further notifications.

That's why I tag them with the onboarding done tag and then use this tag in the Exit rule.


Let me know once you try this out, okay? If there will be any errors, let me know. Happy to help.