I've recreated a Campaign afresh in Series, rather than duplicating it, and now I want to put the Series live and stop people entering the old campaign. How do I do this?

  • 16 February 2021
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As unlike when you duplicate the Campaign into Series, you are not given the option to stop people from entering the old Campaign as it does not automatically recognise that the Series is a like-for-like.


Would you add a 'signed up before' date to the old Campaign and a 'Signed up after' date to the new campaign to do this perhaps?


Any help greatly appreciated.


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Hello @joe d12​ , How about just pause old Campaign?

Does pausing the old campaign not stop all messages from sending for people who are already in the campaign though?


I was wondering whether duplicating the old campaign, and then grabbing the tag that is automatically set up when this is done, and apply that tag to the new Series I've already set up?

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@joe d12​ ,

Yeah, pausing the campaign stops all messaged from sending to people already in the campaign.

I believe a signed up before and after data as you mentioned should work. That way you can ensure that more people are not added to the old campaign and those who already received it don't receive the new series. Or you could also tag all those who received the old campaign and add that rule to the new series to not include tagged users.

Thanks @user368​ . I did finally hear back from Intercom too, and they said one way of doing it is to add a new entry rule to the old campaign, so add my email address as a requirement of entry, and that's one way of doing it.


In the end what I did do was just duplicate the old campaign anyway, and moved the new messages across to the duplicated Campaign in Series. It took a bit more time and effort than I would have liked but it got the job done at least.


thanks for your help