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  • 13 April 2023
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Dear reader,
At ValueBlue we reach out to users of BlueDolphin, asking them how likely the are to recommend our tool, by the use of your sulution, Intercom. Ideally, we allow users to select: 'do not show me this message again', but as far as I can find out, that is impossible. How do we allow our users to 'no longer show' a specific ‘Intercom’-message, and thereby, improve the quality of NPS-research?
Thank you in advance for letting us know. 




Best answer by Paul M11 19 April 2023, 18:34

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6 replies

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Hey there @Fleur van Bladel  👋 


Paul here from Intercom support!


As you mentioned there is not option to add “no longer show” as an option but I'd be happy to flag this as a feature request with the product team!


For outbound messages you can use the rule below so that it will only show once and after it has been interacted with it won’t show to them again 👇🏻.




Hi Paul, 

thank you. That would be great. 
Furthermore: Intercom itself researches NPS by the use of chat. What setting do you use for NPS research? Is that send once, send every time or send based on a fixed schedule? 

  • Send once...> I think this one is not applicable when you want to reach out to users every 6 months right?
  • send every time - matches the rules … > I think this one is not applicable when you want to reach out to users every 6 months right?
  • send based on a fixed schedule.. ?

Thanks for helping us out

Hereby the settings I currently use for NPS-research among any user with at least 4 sessions. Please let me know if this makes sense, maybe by taking a look at your own repetitive NPS settings. Thanks in advance! 


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@Fleur van Bladel I’m wondering if your best option here would be to have a question that tracks the answer to a customer attribute and then use that attribute in your rules -- since the feature to enable “don’t ask me again” doesn’t exist, you could potentially create your own by tracking that response.  

You may be able to record that attribute by tracking that in your app and passing it to Intercom or triggering in some way from Intercom directly via custom bot or something.  Just a thought!

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Hey @Fleur van Bladel I think Nathan’s got a great idea there! As for what we do on our end, we use a Series to create blocks in between the Surveys. Our Series look similar to this:

Because of this we don’t have frequency and scheduling settings on our Surveys but we do check if they dismiss and if they do we follow up with an email.


I hope this helps!

Is the NPS Survey an in-app chat message in your case?

Thanks for thinking along Nathan and Racheal!