Is it possible to compare two distinct attribute values in any way?

  • 2 November 2022
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For example, our customers sign up for a plan with a given number of allowed users. I'd like to compare the 'people' count on the company with this value (which is stored in a custom attribute on the company) in a rules block in a series/or even in a dynamic content section in an email in order to say 'you're not using all of the users you're paying for'.


We have too many different 'allowed user' counts to set this up manually, i.e adding if/else if steps in dynamic content and comparing 'people' count to a given integer.


I haven't found a way to do this dynamically in Intercom, and my current understanding is that it isn't possible. If I've missed something, or there's a workaround I'd love to know.


If not, then consider this a feature request!


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Hello @alex c15​ this is not possible to do straightforward, and indeed it is a @Product Wishlist​ on my side as well 🙂


There are some workarounds as you mentioned but it will depend on how many cases you have.


For example if you are creating Series you can create branches with a rule box that says IF plan = "Basic" (let's assume it is for 10 users) then continue to the next rule box which says IF Company People is less than 10 then send a message. In that message, you can use any attribute value as dynamic content. And you should then have as many branches as you have subscription types, which I understand can be a lot.


You can do this also in individual messages by combining the rules IF plan = "Basic" AND IF Company People is less than 10. I split it in the explanation above to be more obvious logic or in case you might want to have different messages in between the rules.



Thanks for the answer, and your suggestion is also the only thing I could come up with. In our case, most of our deals are enterprise type contracts, so the number of users is negotiated at that point, meaning I'd end up with a huge amount of logical checks to make this work.


I'll put this idea on ice for now, but I can see lots of cases where comparing values/event properties etc could be useful if anyone from Intercom is reading!