Is it possible to push Intercom contact data into a 3rd party form dynamically?

  • 1 September 2023
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Hello there,

I’m trying to replicate what I was able to do with our previous email and automation provider.

I used to be able to pre-populate our JotForms with data from ActiveCampaign by linking the form field data with the attributes via a URL. This meant that when a contact would open the email and click the link, the form would automatically populate with their unique data, and so we’d be able to attribute submissions to users without having to rely on them adding the exact email address they use to sign up to our service.

I’ve tried using the same logic for Intercom in the URL below, but so far I’ve not been successful.


Please say I’m missing something obvious!

This is the URL I’ve implemented in an Intercom CTA link
And unfortunately here you can see that it’s not had the desired effect - the data isn’t being pulled from Intercom




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@Jess Miles This should be no problem to accomplish but you’ll need to use the dynamic tags for those attributes when building out the URL -- I’m not sure from your screenshot if you were already doing this but I’ll share the process below. 

Start your new link and then click on the dynamic tags button in the Insert a Link ui seen below:

 The select the attribute you want to use for the dynamic tag, i.e. User ID in this case:


Once you select User ID it should appear like this:



I’d recommend removing the “REPLACE_THIS” text or the full fallback code and just use the variable to prevent any confusion for future edits and for the end user.   For user_id it would just mean using the tag {{ user_id }} 

Then you can add any other variables as you did in your example, adding whatever format you need for your URL, as in the example below:

Hope this helps!

Thanks Nathan! It seems as though I had in fact set it up correctly, but I was expecting the email preview to populate with the user data. However, this does not happen until the email is ‘live’ so I will need to test with a live email.

Many thanks for your speedy and comprehensive response - I’m going to save a link to this explanation, so my colleagues can follow it too 😊