Is it possible to use event metadata as parameter in e-mails?

  • 1 June 2021
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I'm using zapier to create an event with some metadata. For example, the event is "Project completed" and the meta is "Project name".

I'm using this event to start a series that will constantly sendo e-mails and posts to the user.

What a want to do is to use the metadata "Project name" in an e-mail's body but it doesn't show up.

Any ideas?


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8 replies

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Hey @user586​, it's currently only possible to show event metadata in in-app messages. However, we are looking to iterate on this and eventually introduce it for emails, although I don't currently have a timeline on this that I can share with you!

@eric f11​ We have the same need. Events occur in our application and we need these to trigger an email to the user with some details (passed using metadata). The above would be very handy and negate the need to find another notification solution. I was wondering, do you have an update on the timelines or can you suggest a possible workaround?

We need this too - is there a workaround or this available yet? @eric f11​ 

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Hey @evelyn c12​ @paul s11​, this is still a feature request for now!

@eric f11​ Maybe you have some updates about the possible release date here? Or at least is it planned for implementation in the nearest future?

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Hey @yury k12​, as I mentioned to @evelyn c12​ above, it's not a release that we have currently planned.

Update: Intercom now supports metadata in event-triggered emails, but not emails that are contained in a Series. For individual messages, you just need to target the email to send when the event is triggered (under "Rules"):

Email message: Rules ("When to send")Then that event's metadata will become available to insert in the body of the message:

Email content editor: Insert metadataSeries isn't designed for transactional emails at this point (i.e. users can't re-enter a Series and receive the messages multiple times), so setting them up as individual emails would be a better option for this sort of setup! 👍

Just wanna +1 to this. absolutely critical if you wanna do transactional emails!