Is there a way for non-premium accounts to look for a macro without scrolling to do so? (by using a search bar like on premium accounts)

  • 8 September 2022
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We have a team that only sends messages but do not take conversations with customers, they lose about 5 to 10 seconds each time they use Intercom and use a macro.

Thank you in advance for your lights! 😊

4 replies

Hey @user1876​ ​! Oséas here from the Customer Support Specialist team 🕵️


The search bar in Macros is available to every teammate with access to Macros regardless of subscription. Are you using the New Inbox? If so, the easiest way to search for Macros is by using the shortcut "#" 👇Screen Capture on 2022-09-09 at 15-36-12

Did not know that tip! Thank you very much :D

Seems not to work unfortunately for the team - they have an intercom account without a personal inbox, they send messages from this page (screenshot attached). The macro section does not have a search bar to look for a saved reply. To answer your question most of our agents did not switch to the new version of Intercom - can it make a difference on this specific topic? Thanks again for your lights 💡

Capture d’écran 2022-09-12 à 10.26.10

Hello! I've made many researches on my side but was not able to find a solution to this - would you if there is any for this type of intercom account? Thanks again 🙏