Is there a way to get an urgent response from Intercom?

  • 24 October 2022
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How can I get a hold of Intercom when it is urgent? Our outbound email has been blocked incorrectly, and I haven't had an answer from them in 4 days. And messenger takes forever to get a response from...


Is it possible to get our own CSM whom we can talk to?


Best answer by Daniel M15 28 October 2022, 18:43

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Hey @kim t​! Daniel from Customer Support Engineering here 🔧 


If you're interested in making an upgrade to your plan, our Sales team would be the best people to help out! They can talk you through what plans are available to you, and they'll be able to answer questions you have around getting a dedicated CSM 😊 Hit us up over the Messenger and we'll get you set up 💪

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@kim t​ Unfortunately, you are not alone here. Their response times are pretty dismal. My tickets also take around 24 hours to receive the first response. I escalated this to our CSM who connected with Intercom's support leadership, and I was basically told that this is the expected turnaround time. The only option is to upgrade to a premium support plan, but it's pretty expensive as you can imagine. However, the support director mentioned that Intercom messenger has a way of flagging something as a priority, but I've never seen it in my intercom messenger. Maybe you have better luck with yours. Sorry!