Issues migrating a campaign to Series

  • 8 February 2021
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Hello ! I am migrating my Campaigns to Series and I have some issues :


1) Why can't I use Segments as Series' and Emails' Goals anymore ?

2) Why can't I select "Event is increased" anymore in the Exit Rule of a Serie ?

3) When is the starting point of "Match within X days" when we talk about Series Goal ? The entry in Serie ? The exit ? Or the last email ?

4) How bad is to link two entry rules one after the other ?


Thanks for your insights


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2 replies

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Hey @roy s11​, you're our Series expert, do you think you'd be able to help out @anthony a​ here? Let me know if you need me for anything!

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Hey @anthony a​, just wanted to come back to you here to make sure your question was answered.


On points 1 & 2 - we migrated to a new message matching system on our backend in order to support the move to Series. A consequence of this was losing support for segments as goals and an increase in an event count for a Series goal.


However, it's now possible to tag contacts as a result of their actions in a Series. As a workaround, you could add the rule "OR Tag is (your tag)" to your segment, then tag your contacts with this tag as part of your Series flow.


Our team is constantly iterating on Series and shipping changes, and they're very open to feedback, so I'm going to tag in our @Product Wishlist​ as a reminder to me to add your feedback to my monthly report.


In terms of the "Match within X days", it's from the time a contact enters the Series.


Finally, it's not particularly "bad" to link two entry rules, but to my mind, it's unnecessary, as you can specify multiple rules within the same entry rule block? Let me know if that doesn't capture your use case, though!