Mobile Push data is missing in recent message data exports

  • 6 May 2021
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I've been exporting all message data as in

Endpoint: ''

I don't get data from push notifications inside series. I noticed, first the channel field in data for push notifications had value push_only, later i saw it was changed to push, but I get nothing from push notifications inside series. More so, is there anyway of looking at the performance of all my push notifications, and see metrics like ORs, etc right now??? Because I couldn't even look at these metrics on the report section


Best answer by Eric Fitz 10 May 2021, 10:42

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1 reply

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Hey @user399​, I'd recommend contacting our Support team directly about this through the Messenger on They'll be able to cross reference the Series for which you're looking to export data with the expected behaviour.


I notice that you're using the unstable version of our API - by its very nature, the unstable version can sometimes act in unexpected ways.