More series features - Guides and Labels

  • 26 February 2021
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In order to better organize a series, I'd love to see more guides functionality + the ability to add a text field as a simple label. 

I'm working on creating a large "push" series and another acquisition series, and they'll be long and complicated.

The guides will help line up and visually organize the blocks, and the text labels will help label large sections of blocks.

Both of these together will help with viewing and creating the series, introducing and explaining to colleagues, and searching and editing an ongoing series.


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2 replies


Hello @user905​, Welcome to Interconnect.


Have you had a chance to check the newly released feature Notes?

With notes, you can leave some information for teammates, directly in the Series. More Information can be found here.


Let me know if you have any more questions about the Series, Always happy to help.

thanks for the heads up about notes @roy s11​  -- if there are ever better guides for placing blocks in correct spaces, I'd love to see that feature. Right now, im seeing guides to line up horizontal;ly and vertically but distance guides would be great too as I build larger and larger series