Need to know how to create custom button which is viewed only by Support Engineer

  • 31 October 2023
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We want to provide option to the Support Engineer before he closes the conversation, whether a Case should be created for the conversation or not. For this we wanted to show up a button which the Support Engineer will select before he closes the conversation. This button or input should be seen only by the Support Engineer and not by the Customer. How can we achieve this?


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Hi @Madhura Kurdukar -- Cam from the Intercom Support Engineering team here!

From your description you’ve provided 2 potential solutions spring to mind which you could consider using here:

  1. Build a custom Private Inbox App that contains this button linked to your desired function which your team can add to their Inboxes. You can find more details on custom Private Inbox Apps and how to build them in this Article, and in our Dev Docs HERE
  2. (Assuming a conversation handled by a Support Engineer is therefore assigned to them and an associated “Software Engineering” Team) Setup a Conversation Data Attribute (CVDA) that uses the “Limited visibility” feature to only show it to your Software Engineering teammates, and the “Required attribute” to ensure it is ‘completed’ before a teammate is allowed to “Close” a conversation. More details on CDVA’s and how to set them up can be found in our guide HERE.

Let me know if one or both of these options might suit your needs and if you have any follow-up questions on this!