Need to notify a user when something new is posted by a user they follow

  • 5 August 2023
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Hi friends! This is what I need to set up:

  • User #1 follows another user #2 (I have this event set up)
  • User #2 posts something new ( I have an event set up in general when any user posts something)
  • A notification goes to User #1 letting them know that a person they follow (user #2) has posted something new. 

Not sure how to make this work and connect these. If I need to set up events, tag/filter people. I’m so confused. Please help!



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Hey @Lacey Spence  👋 Eden from the support engineer team here.


I see that you spoke to someone on our Support team about this already! I’ll reiterate what they mentioned below 👇


At the moment, there isn't a way to tie events from one user profile to those of another user in Intercom. If you have the dev resources, you could achieve this with some custom work using our Webhooks and API to trigger 1-1 message to a user based on that event, however this would require a bit of custom work to be set up by your dev team. 

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@Lacey Spence Very interesting use case, I didn’t want to jump in earlier to recommend doing this outside Intercom before someone from the Intercom team jumped in just in case there was something available I’m not aware of within Intercom to support your needs. 

Now that @Eden has shared that it’s possible but would require custom work with the API and Webhooks, I wanted to jump in to suggest if these are features of your app/site that you need vs customer support features, then I’d recommend looking at something like GetStream

This would give you a complete system for in-app functions for users like chat but also activity feeds, video & audio.  I’m not affiliated with them at all, my recommendation comes from being an advisor on a platform that uses the service on the backend and has been very happy with the out of the box solution. 

This could work well within the app/site and not add extra confusion to your Intercom setup where you need to offer valuable customer support and at the same time,  I’m sure would integrate well with Intercom events etc so you’d still have all that same activity available if needed for offering support. 

Hope this is helpful!